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  1. By the 4th of July, we will build 6 machines from the GVCS
  2. The designs will be the open source microtractor, bulldozer, truck, car, backhoe, ironworker machine, and new 50 hp power cube - primarily cut with the CNC Torch Table
  3. How is this possible? Through Module-based design - similar to a lifesize Erector Set.
  4. The first step is to create 3D design from our conceptual drawings - LifeTrac Construction Set
  5. This will be a group effort, online, working on Sketchup, Google Hangouts, and documenting the build in oManual - see [1]
  6. Then we ened to rapid prototype them by taking the Sketchup drawing - converting those 3D models into a file compatible with a 3D printer. We print a scale model of the parts out of plastic, not the entire machine, just we would build a machine from individual parts.
  7. We can test the reliability of the 3D design by the rapid prototype in 3D.
  8. So now have validated that the 3D design is correct - otherwise return to the drawing board.
  9. Next we move to the laser cutter on paper - 1/8" thickness - to simulate as a scale model - the cutting that will be necessary with sheet metal on a CNC torch table
  10. We assemble the paper model. To make tubing, fold the lasercut paper along 3 lines to get the tubing.

Tactical Pieces

  1. Implementation routes:
    1. Virtual, remote, crowd collaboration on GrabCAD. Put up 6 projects on GrabCAD.
    2. Design could be remote Hackathon or Sprint
    3. Design could be an in-person hackathon.
  2. Tactically - take Sketchup - generate a STL file - the toolpath file

Points of Emphasis

  1. Scalable method of development
  2. Economic significance
  3. Module-based design
  4. Rapid development collaborative process
  5. Popular development - peoples' technology
  6. Rapid Prototyping models
  7. Digital fabrication of final machine
  8. Crowd sourcing of contribution
  9. Parallel assembly
  10. Unskilled labor under professional management


  1. Strategy - Design Challenge of GrabCAD
  2. Document in oManual


Human Resources