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LifeTrac Digital Fabrication

LifeTrac 3D files]

Download the LifeTrac Blender file. Then import it into a professional CAD package like Solidworks to generate 2D fabrication drawings, and further, these drawings have to be converted to toolpath (xy) files for a torch table.

The problem requires virtual dismounting the tractor into all of its structural tubing and plates - the components that we will be cut with the torch table. The tubing is 4x4x1/4" mild steel tubing, and the plates are 1/2" mild steel plate plate steel.

The final step is optimizing the cutting strategy based on available stock steel that can fit on a torch table. For example, we can start with a sheet of 1/2" thick steel, not individual plates, for producing all the mounting plates.

Project Team

  • William Cleaver - produced the Blender file, will convert parts to 2D CAM files for torch table (TorchMate) and 2D fabrication drawings with SolidWorks.
  • Lloyd Minnick - may torch steel at TechShop