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See prior work here at LifeTrac#Basic_Frame. Remove the articulated joint, and add a second loader on the rear.

Basic design rationale for the LifeTrac II frame:

  1. Wheels are offset from the right to left side of the tractor by 8 inches to allow for mounting of hydrauilic motors on the side of the frame, as opposed to the bottom, for easy access.
  2. Hydraulic motors have quick connect couplers so the operator could select front wheel, rear wheel, and four wheel drive.
  3. Hydraulic motor mount plate (see blog for hydraulic motor mount plate example) allows motor interchangeability by two 3/4" bolts (presently used for soil pulverizer, lathe, PTO generator, tree auger, straw line cutter)
  4. Wheel shafts are 1 7/8" for interchangeability with LifeTrac I infrastructure.
  5. Loader on both front and back of tractor for doubling implement-handling ability
  6. Quick attach plate upgraded for easier latching (taller, narrower fingers)
  7. Frame tubing - 4x4x1/4 inch steel tubing.
  8. Monolithic rod for mounting loaders runs the width of the machine. Two of these are used for 2 loaders. Loader attachment towards mid-front of tractor for weight balance. Rear loader is extra heavy duty for angled and tilted blades.
  9. Ready adaptability for 1, 2, or 3 Power Cubes. 2 power cubes can fit on the rear. Another can be placed on the rear loader.
  10. Dually wheel configuration available.
  11. Wheel tracks readily adaptable.
  12. Frame design similar to the front piece of LifeTrac I.
  13. Skid steering.
  14. Hydraulics are completely quick connected.
  15. Power Cube is self-contained, with only external connection to tractor being 2 hydrauilic lines, with 12 and 28 GPM couplers used throughout.