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Build completed September 2010. See blog post - [1]


Start with a design.


Then, build the frame.   Frame Construction Video Script [[2]]  

Updated frame video:

Frame module from LifeTrac 2, 2010. This is before perforated tubing entered in 2013.


Wheel Assembly Video Script [[3]]

Then, prepare all the wheel mounting materials.

Then add the wheels (from Sean Church):

Lifetrac II- Wheel Mounting from Sean Church on Vimeo.

Then, go for the first test drive.

LifeTrac II Test Drive from Marcin Jakubowski on Vimeo.

Wheel Tracks

Wheel Tracks Construction video script [[4]]

Then, [build the wheel tracks.]

Extreme Traction from Marcin Jakubowski on Vimeo.

Loader Arms

GVCS - LifeTrac - Loader Arms

Then, build the loader arms - both front and rear.

1. Prepare loader arms. LTfab1.jpg

2. Mark loader attach plates for hole locations. LTfab2.jpg

3. Punch or drill mount plate holes. LTfab3.jpg

4. Drill holes in loader arms. LTfab4.jpg

5. Torch out arm mounts LTfab5.jpg

6. Grind arm ends. LTfab6.jpg

7. Drill or punch 1" holes for cylinder mount bottoms. LTfab7.jpg

8. Cut pins to size. LTfab8.jpg

9. Prepare bottom mount plates for loader arms. LTfab9.jpg

10.Torch out 2" inserts. LTfab10.jpg

11. Mark arm locations on frame. LTfab11.jpg

12. Grind 2" inserts. LTfab12.jpg

13. Drill 1" hole in inserts. LTfab13.jpg

14. Torch out holes in frame for loader arms. LTfab14.jpg

15. Smooth out holes for loader arms. LTfab15.jpg

17. Fit shafts and DOM bushing for laoder arms. LTfab17.jpg

18. Finish inserts. LTfab18.jpg

19. Drill rear loader arms. LTfab19.jpg

20. Mark loader arms for insert plug welds. LTfab20.jpg

21. Torch out plug weld holes. LTfab21.jpg

22. Grind plug weld holes. LTfab22.jpg

23. Line up plug inserts for welding. LTfab23.jpg

24. Plug weld inserts. LTfab24.jpg

25. Grind plug welds. LTfab25.jpg

26. Finished inserts. LTfab26.jpg

27. Weld arm gussets. File:LTfab27.jpg

28. Arm gussets plug welded. LTfab28.jpg

29. Prepare pins for welding. LTfab29.jpg

30. Weld pins. LTfab30.jpg

31. Mount cylinder base plates. LTfab31.jpg

32. Mount cylinder plates to arms. LTfab32.jpg

33. Mount cylinder cross support. LTfab33.jpg

34. Mount cylinder arms on frame. LTfab34.jpg

35. Arm cross supports. LTfab35.jpg

36. Put on real loader arms. File:LTfab36.jpg

37. Hang arm cross support. LTfab37.jpg

38. Torch misfit holes. LTfab38.jpg

39. Weld inner arm gussets. LTfab39.jpg

40. Grind inner arm gussets. LTfab40.jpg

41. Finish attaching cross supports. LTfab41.jpg

42. Finish weld arms. LTfab42.jpg

43. Bolt cylinder attach plates. LTfab43.jpg

44. Attach cylinders. LTfab44.jpg

45. Mount quick attach (QA) plate cylinders. LTfab45.jpg

46. Begin attaching hoses. LTfab46.jpg

47. Hose attachment. LTfab47.jpg

48. Tack weld gusset nuts. LTfab48.jpg

49. Tack weld bottom cylinder support nuts. LTfab49.jpg

49.5. Tack weld cylinders. LTfab495.jpg

50. Complete bottom cylinder gusset welds. LTfab50.jpg

51. Botom cylinder gusset nuts welded. LTfab51.jpg

52. LTfab52.jpg

52. Finish weld top cylinder. LTfab53.jpg

Quick Attach Plate

60. Prep QA plate materials. LTfab60.jpg

61. Cut stock to size. LTfab61.jpg

63. Cut all tubing to size. LTfab63.jpg

64. Mark hole locations for all pieces. File:LTfab64.jpg

65. Hole punch all pieces. LTfab65.jpg

66. Prepare QA plates for welding. LTfab66.jpg

67. Weld QA frame. LTfab67.jpg

68. Finish welding QA plate. LTfab68.jpg

69. Weld fingers. LTfab69.jpg

70. Weld bottom eyes. LTfab70.jpg

71. Finish weld bottom eyes. LTfab71.jpg

72. Weld top eyes. LTfab72.jpg

74. Begin on QA mechanism. LTfab74.jpg

75. Finish weld eyes in place. LTfab75.jpg

75.5 LTfab755.jpg

76. Finish weld eyes. LTfab76.jpg

77. Raise arms. LTfab77.jpg

78. Extend QA cylinders. LTfab78.jpg

79. Fit pin in QA mechanism. LTfab79.jpg

80. Mount QA plate on arms. File:LTfab80.jpg

81. Extend QA plate. LTfab81.jpg

82. Weld pin pushing mechanism. LTfab82.jpg

83. Weld handle to rotation pin. LTfab83.jpg

84. Mark rotation pin location. LTfab84.jpg

85. Mount handle and push pin and bolt down. LTfab85.jpg

86. Put on stops and set screws. LTfab86.jpg

87. Do same for second set of loader arms - and LifeTrac II with front and rear loaders is ready for testing.

Now take tractor for a test drive:

LifeTrac Prototype II Completed from Marcin Jakubowski on Vimeo.

See corresponding blog post -