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LifeTrac II mark2 is 18" shorter than LT2 mark1.

The new Blender file here in "openpario"- [1] shows the design for LifeTrac II mark2. (Download the "FifeTrac_II_18inch_shorter__3_.blend" file).

The real loader arm hydraulic cylinders have been changed to these [2] to accommodate for the new position of the rear loader (it has been moved in 18 inches with the shortening of the tractor) - which means adding extra mounting plates to the rear loader arm to attach them is necessary.

There is ample space at the rear to fit this [3] 27hp engine on. Also this engine will fit into the current Power Cube design without the need to enlarge it. However that does depend on how far the muffler [4] sticks out once mounted?

If the "power cube frame design" needs to be made larger to accommodate for the muffler. This is easily done and it will still fit on the rear of LT2.

I was also thinking about using 4x4x3/4" tubes for the two overhead tubes that the loader arm shafts go through as the shafts are now much closer together and the central support tubes have been moved forward to maintain the same seating space.

LifeTrac II 26" Shorter that LT2 mark1

Here is the link to the Blender file that can be downloaded from - [5] It it the file entitled - "FifeTrac_II_26inch_shorter__1_.blend"