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LifeTrac Introduction

LifeTrac is Factor e Farm's univeral machinery infrastructure program for resilient communities. The tractor is designed to be:

  • Modular
  • Scalable
  • Adaptable

In effect, it's a lifesize lego set for heavy equipment.

To realize this mission, we utilize a plasma cutter CNC table to cut holes in structural beams.

Some features of adaptability:

  • Adding multiple power units on the scale fo 20 hp. For example, 4 power units as such can make for a decent bulldozer.
  • Scalability of structure, for example from a small garden tractor, full tractor, to bulldozer or road grader.

The problem statement boils down to creating an open design repository, and open fabrication tooling in the form of the CNC torch table as the main tool. Careful measures have to be made for interchangeability and scalability of power units, motors, and other components.

Our program is to build the 19 heavy equipment pieces of the GVCS from design-for-disassembly components:


The enire mechanical infrastructure costs $20k in parts:


This is the standard disruptive economic pattern of free hardware.

Engineers Without Borders Problem Statement

(1) Full description of problem/need?

(2) Is the project you are submitting time sensitive?

(3) What would you like the research student to achieve with your project?

(4) How will the local community use/implement the proposed technological solution?

(5) Benefit and training (training of the local community)

(6) Local situation (full description of local situation (e.g. social, economic, geographical, political)

(7) Infrastructure (full description of relevant infrastructure help available locally)