LifeTrac Remote Control

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Example of modern tractor controls

Original control prototype that was built and wired but never tested used Arduino Wireless SD Shield with 8 channel relay and metal toggle switches.

Wesxdz favors controlling LifeTrac with game controller for universal, affordable, (eventually) easily replicable input device that can be repurposed for many functions.

Is it viable to use a game controller for controlling a safety critical system?


  • Wireless input configuration needs to be secure
  • Microcontroller resilient to lack of input
  • Redundant wireless interaction and/or controls override with Universal Controller MINI12864
  • Distance ranges many require distinct signal input methods or fail-operational modes.
  • Integration of bluetooth in Arduino Mega 2560 (looks like the chip shortage has become ubiquitous now eh?)
  • BLE has ~10-20 meter range

Using Xbox one controller (updated firmware for BLE) with Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense

xpadneo as reference for programming bluetooth controls into microcontroller