LifeTrac/Trailer Ball Quick Attach

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This is a plate for the LifeTrac so you can tow trailers with it.


  • 1/2"x4" plate- 4", 6" (2) [10" total]
  • 1/2"x6" plate-10" (1)
  • Trailer Ball
  • 3/4"x5" Bolt

Fabrication instructions

  1. Torch a hole to fit the trailer ball in the 1/2"x4"x4" piece, as close as possible to where it is to be welded. Insure the ball can still be turned and tightened.
  2. Weld this plate centered, and square, about an inch from the top of the 1/2"x6" piece.
  3. Flip the assembly over and weld the 4"x6" strip to the back, at the proper quick attach angle (a deflection of 2 1/4" over it's length)
  4. Mount this to the tractor and mark where the hole at the bottom end needs to be torched
  5. Torch the hole and clean it up.
  6. Install the ball.