Lifetime Drivetrain Warranty

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  • Does it cover towing?
  • Does it cover 1 ton trucks?
  • Is the maintenance schedule realistic? 2-4 times per year for Ram 3500! [1]
  • Does it cover common cause, normal wear and tear - such as blown seals or gaskets? This one does not mention it [2]. This one explicitly says it covers seals and gaskets [3]

I guess we should expect controversy on warrantor weedling out of responsibility such as this - [4] which was adjudicated to the customer's favor at the end. (a third party mediator in the UK with binding decisionmaking power).

  • Conclusion - make sure that there is no catch such as not covering seals and gaskets, and covering real use (towing, commercial). So there it is - looks like that is the catch.