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Use rectangular-ish frame made of 4 square tubes welded at the corners.

Use small C-clamps to hold light curtain to frame.

Weld 2 additional long square tubes at the bottom corners for standing support parallel to the ground surface but perpendicular to the frame plane.

Mount 4 castors near the ends of the long square tubes for mobility.


14gauge x 1" x 1" steel square tube of following lengths:

90cm x2 as ground tubes - drill a hole for mounting the castors 3cm from ends, 1" from width.

150cm x2 as vertical tubes - to be welded to the middle of the ground tubes

100cm x2 as horizontal tubes - to be welded to the top and bottom of the vertical tubes

4 castors (single bolt mounting style)

180cm x 100cm area translucent UV/IR protection screen

3" opening C-Clamp x6

Straightforward Steps

Lay a 4' and 6' tubes like a rectangle on a table, the 6' enclosing the 4'

Speed square the corners, tack weld, then weld the connections

Lspic1.jpg Lspic2.jpg

Clamp (C-Clamp) a 3' tube vertically (check with speed square) to the 6' tube using a steel angle

Lspic3.jpg Lspic4.jpg

Move the rectangular frame into the vertical tube, tack weld and weld. Clamp and weld the other 3' tube similarly.


C-Clamp the light sheet onto the frame.

Lspic6.jpg Lspic7.jpg


Steel square tubes! 1" x 1" square, 14 gauge thickness (approx 0.06" or 1.6mm). Cut to lengths: 3' x2, 4' x2, 6' x2


Lay the ground tubes and vertical tubes on a flat working surface. Position the tubes for welding- the vertical tube should be at the middle of the ground tube- position tolerance +/- 3mm (1/8"). Use a measuring tool to ensure perpendicularity of vertical tube to ground tube. Make 2 tack welds on each of the 2 side edges between the ground tube and vertical tube. Remeasure perpendicularity. Tack the top and bottom edges. Perform full weld.

Sqtubelaid.jpg Sqtubelaid2.jpg Sqtubetacked.jpg Sqtubetacked2.jpg Sqtubeclamped.jpg Sqtubewelded.jpg Tframescomplete.jpg

Lay the T-frames flat on a table with the short tube vertical off the side of the table. Lay the long tubes perpendicular to the T-frames. Check with a speed square. Tack weld and weld.

Tframelaid.jpg Tframecheck.jpg Longtubelaid.jpg Longtubesquarecheck.jpg 100x100px Longtubewelded.jpg Longtubewelded2.jpg Longtubewelded3.jpg

Mount the T-frame and super T-frame vertically to the side of a table. clamp the horizontal tubes to the lone T-frame and tack weld + weld.

Supertframesmounted.jpg Supertframeslengthcheck.jpg Supertframessquarecheck.jpg Supertframesclamp.jpg Supertframesclamp2.jpg Supertframeshorizmount.jpg Superframecomplete.jpg

Cover the rectangular frame with the protection screen and mount with 4 C-Clamps at the corners and 2 C-Clamps at the middle of the top and bottom horizontals (warning: make sure that the non-rotating end of the C-Clamp is compressing the screen- otherwise the compressed rotation can damage the screen)

Screenclamped.jpg Screenedsuperframecomplete.jpg

Drill the castor holes on the ground tubes. Position tolerance: +/- 3mm (1/8"). Install the castors

Raise the light screen to its functional orientation.


Transparent Welding Curtains