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We use the LimeSurvey for the Team Culturing.

Set Up

  • Session Timeout - by default it is 3600 seconds, meaning 1 hours. If a user exceeds this time, then he cannot save the survey! The time can be increased to more than 1 day (e.g. 100000 seconds) by going in the Admin Panel, "Global Settings", "General" Tab and then "Session lifetime (seconds):".
  • For every survey, the user data can be saved while entered and before clicking on send. This feature is turned off by default and it is advised to enable it by choosing the corresponding survey, then "Edit Survey Settings", "Notifiaction & data management" Tab and then setting to Yes "Enable token-based response persistence?".

Converting Survey Data into the Wiki

  • Export the survey data into *.csv format.
    • Note: Currently there is a problem with this export - new lines are not exported. The bug is documented here.
    • Open the *.csv file and copy the entry for one person.
    • Open the Short or Long Survey converter.
    • Paste the data into the first text area, click convert and copy the data from the second text area.
    • Create a new Wiki Page and paste the data into it.
      • Fix the new lines problem by:
        • Copying the text with new lines from the email, pasting it into the wiki code and adding HTML breaks for each new line.
      • Upload the picture (from the given URL or received by email) if needed and add the file link to the wiki code and add the category [[Category: Photographs of People]].
      • Add appropriate category to the person, e.g. IT, CAD Designer, ...
    • Send a notification email to the person with a link to his/her Wiki Page and instructions how to log-in to the Wiki.