Lime Plaster and Wash

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Links for Recipes

Lime Plaster

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Lime Wash

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  • 5 parts Hydrated lime [1]
  • 1 part Salt
  • 5 parts water (add more water if cracking appears)
  • 5 gallon paint buckets
  • Coating brushes [2]
  • Mixer (either manual, mash-potato style or mixer attachment for power drill)


  • a water mister/sprayer can be used to go over earth plaster cracks. these can be rubbed out with a wet rag before lime wash is applied.

if cracking occurs, more water can be used. it may also be worth experimenting with large grain sand if a thicker mix is desired. generally adding large grain sand to mix can reduce shrinkage. for example in clay plaster, 100% clay will shrink after drying. but using 15% - 30% clay and the rest large grain sand or soil can reduce shrinkage.