List of OSE Requirements

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Wiki Templates

These templates take advantage of Mediawiki functionality. This wiki is a Mediawiki instance.

Script Templates

These templates are scripts that can be run from within Mediawiki that can parse wiki pages, external documents, and other websites. These can look for tags within file names on the OSE wiki in order to create user-friendly displays of data. As a simplest implementation, the way to achieve good structure would be by consistency of page names and file names - such that all taxonomy is contained within page names and file names

  • Script to display basic project information (Dashboard) in an updated format by pulling from certain properly named pages and properly named file names. One instance could be talking the dev Template, simply displayin g certain content in a linear fashion, with some formatting features. This would allow a user-friendly display of info, with notices such as 'help contribute to this missing section according to these instructions because this content is missing, etc.
  • A script that generates a 3D manipulable Web-embedded (html) display of 3D CAD within an HTML 5 browser from a FreeCAD file. This is already doable in FreeCAD.

General HTML Templates

These are embeddable in wiki, WordPress, etc.

Semantic Mediawiki

These are requirements for organizing the OSE wiki using advanced functionality of the Mediawiki Semantic Wiki extension. This allows for Advanced display and Template features that can help organize the wiki based on its content being treated as a database of tagged and labeled data.