Lithium-Ion Battery

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  • A Type of Electrically Rechargable Battery
  • Has one of the highest power desities
  • Can have a Battery Fire issue, also lithium availability may become an issue in the future (although recycling is possible)
  • Most common form (pre-battery pack unit) OTS is the 18650 Battery (similar in form factor to a "AA" type battery, different specs though)

Depth of Discharge

Discharging only a little bit and recharging prolongs life - 10 years if 10% discharge, 6 years if 25% discharge


  • $56 for 100 of 20Wh batteries - 3.7V, 5.8Ahr. 2000Whr for $56? [1]


This is a good review. Standard is 2200 Ah for 16850 cells, 3.7 v - 8 Wh of power. [2]

  • Ultrafire at 1 Ah and 4A is worth the $1.2. Cheaper than all others, for half capacity.
  • Further - if it's 1 Ah and 72 cents - it appears to be 370W for $67, or under $200 per kW? Definitely would be worth it.


  • Protected vs unprotected - [3]

Not High Drain

  • 2600 advertised - [4]

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