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To Jason of Vertical Landscape Architects

Thank you for getting in touch! We would love some advise on how to go about making a sedum wall garden. The GLTi panel system looks good, but we're DIYers and were thinking of making it ourselves. In fact, the house the garden will go on hasn't been built yet - it will be an addition to the house we sent a photo of which is planned for mid-April - so one of the ideas is to incorporate the vertical garden in the house design/build, that is: to design build that wall with the panel system already incorporated. I'm CCing Chris Reinhart, the architect who is designing the house.

I did some preliminary research and was thinking that the most appropriate approach for our case would be to use the 'living picture' technique and tile a few of them to cover a bigger area. This is similar to the panel system you suggested but each box wouldn't have the pockets that the GLTi panels use. Could you please tell us more about the function of the pockets? Another issue I'm unsure about is the irrigation/drainage - would holes at the top and bottom of each box do the trick? And what about insulation for the house - would that be necessary? For context: our walls are made of CEB bricks and either stuccoed with an earth + sand mix with covered with wood siding.

For context: we're a non profit organization developing open source industrial and agricultural machines. Our base camp is a farm in Missouri in which everything was built using (mostly) our machines and by our organization's team in collaboration with groups of volunteers who join us for design and building sessions. So our goal is not just to design and build a vertical garden for ourselves, but also to share that information as open source so others can do it as well. Check out our website:

On Sun, Mar 9, 2014 at 7:52 PM, <> wrote: Hi,

I was forwarded your email by Lori from Sedum Master. I specialize in the design and installation of living walls and wanted to touch base with you to see if I can help. I would suggest that you use an external living wall panel system such as that manufactured by GLTi. I would be happy to provide more information. Please respond by email or call me. My phone number is below if you prefer.

Kind regards,

Jason Rokosh

  • Vertical Landscape Architects Inc.
  • (416) 518 8446