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  • Via FB - John David Stevens -FEB 20, 2019, 2:22 PM - Good morning sir. My wife and I came across the open building institute online while looking for ways to build our own house. We have been looking into shipping container homes but your program looks interesting. We too live in Kansas City. I work for Cerner. Do you have time to spare to get together for dinner sometime to talk more about the open building project?
  • FB - Denys Makonchuk 9/29/18, 7:34 PM Hi Marcin, is there a way to contact you? I'm in Kansas City and interested to see Factor e Farm. Can you call me at OBFUSCATED

Thank you in advance.

  • FB - Tanya Kelley 2/16/18, 9:27 PM Marcin, We met at your project in northwestern Missouri. I came to help stack bricks. Is the compound there still in operation? Please accept my friend request. Tanya Kelley