Log Naming Convention

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The log name should be:

  1. Two or more words
  2. First word is a descriptive word or name
  3. Initials of Each Word Are Capitalized
  4. The word "Log" is the last word in the log name

Developer Logs

The Dev Log should be named under their colloquial first name - ie, what they go by in public - such as Emmanouil Log, Michael Log, Marcin Log, etc. In the log naming convention, first name is used when it is unique, but as soon as there are multiples of that first name, the last name is used. The first name that was unique remains - such as Michael Log for Michael Altfield - but subsequent Michaels add their last name, such as Michael Johnson Log for Michael Johnson.

Project Logs

The name of the log should be descriptive, so as to represent the content as best as possible.