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Surgeon General

Calls it an epidemic with devastating health costs. [1]. See Surgeon General: We Have Become a Lonely Nation. It’s Time to Fix That. He proposes bandaids, the usual stuff of programs, relationship with tech, and our personal choices. This misses the points that:

  1. In short, an economy whose business models are based on (artificial) scarcity cannot contribute to sound human relations, as this kind of model results in win-lose situations and fundamentally sets one group against another. Such as evidenced by the need for labor unions, centralization, proprietary design. All these result in mediocre product across the board. Yet is the current religion of today's economic system - scarcity as opposed to abundance. Even outliers with the best products such as Apple are a part of this problem, because they enforce general mediocrity (in anything that is not Apple) as opposed to helping the world improve all together.
  2. A proprietary and violent technosphere is highly antisocial. For example, the Front Porch Was Replaced by the Garage, and Rockefeller ripped out railways to make room for roads. The solution is open collaborative enterprise culture that brings about true collaboration (open collaborative enterprise culture to replace proprietary development and competitive wase), and leaves nobody behind. Ie, the current proprietary economy creates highly non-convivial infrastructures in most places, because everyone who reinvents the wheel does not have a chance to improve their product. Thus, developers can't afford to inject infrastructures for conviviality into new communities, as the economic model doesn't allow it. No products are thus optimal, as everyone reinvents the wheel.
  3. Housing and community needs to be solved by design. See The Housing Theory of Everything. Walkable cities with cafes and parks are a good start. Integrating livable communities; sound distributed economies (not centralized); nature and circular economies - are all part of the game.
  4. Psychology - psychosocial integration and the resulting civic responsibility must be taught more effectively. Very few people end up as integrated humans and stewards of the world around them. This has a direct effect on the reptilian brain dictating that many people remain subhuman out of fear, prior to cultivating a mindset of posibility, opportunity, and abundance.


OSE is working on all 4 points above.


  • 4 remedies for loneliness - top is learning social skills and cognitive overrides of negative thought patterns. [2]