Long Sleep

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  • 7-9 hours is considered the normal normal, and there are indications that this could be 6-10
  • 14+ hours is hypersomnia
  • 10.5 hours is normal for this person, whose sleep test showed no abnormalities: Kate says

October 19, 2017 at 12:03 pm

A lot of what commenters describe here sounds like hypersomnia or narcolepsy, not long sleep. Long sleep as the article says is normal sleep that just lasts longer than normal, 10-12 hours. If you sleep much more than that *every day* (like 14+ hours) and it’s not just to make up for missed sleep, then that is probably hypersomnia which is a more serious condition. I’m a long sleeper but my sleep study was normal other than the length, I just need 10.5 hours a night to feel good. The association with intense, complex and vivid dreams is interesting though, I relate to everyone here on that! I’m a writer and if it weren’t for my dreams I’d be unable to write. I also have precognition and recurring “dream series” that are often much more vivid and interesting than tv series. I wish I could broadcast them onto a screen, I’d be wealthy! Makes me wonder if there’s some evolutionary purpose to this. Every tribe in prehistory had its shaman or seer, maybe they were long sleepers. - from https://www.sleepassociation.org/sleep-disorders/more-sleep-disorders/long-sleeping/

  • Same site has a person sleep for 72 hours from time to time.