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  • 109 year old guy - still active [1]

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  • Human relatedness with people contributes positively to a longer life. See Pets and Health.
  • Smarter people live longer. [2]
  • Poor people live be shorter. [3]
  • Life expectancy is increasing by one year every 6 years. [4]. [5]

Conversation with Joseph Jackson [6]

Tell me about longevity - I follow Diamandis on his 173 yo. What is the latest that is practical that I could do now? I'd like to see open source telomere extension - you know anyone working on that?

Yes I follow most of this. Best is alan green 75 yrs old dr in nyc. He uses rapamycin. I also used intermittently. Several groups doing open trials of interventions. Metformin is the safest. Then can add combos in a stack. Telomeres is hard. Use astralagus perhals but needs gene therapy probably. Couple companies working on this. Michael Fossel most convincing. Also can inject peptide etpitalon. Russians pioneered a lot of this. Thymisin. Epitalon. https://rapamycintherapy.com. The Medical Practice of Alan S. Green, 44-01 Westmoreland Street, Little Neck, New York 11363. rapamycintherapy.com

Cool on Rapamycin. Thanks for the lowdown. What is the latest data for Rapamycin in humans? Any documented, clear results yet?

Yes green has 200 patients for 3 yrs now. Hes been on it himself for 4 years almost. Probably more self experimenter doing off label on selves.

What is their track record? Feeling better immediately, or no clear signs?

Dramatic for some but subtle for others. Rapamycin most important for 55+. Metformin is good protector for most of us with our bad diets. I use rapamycin for 4 months once weekly then 8 to 12 months dont use Intermittent is key. Also some new senolytics to kill old cells. Use every 18 months perhaps. Fasting is very important. Most of the drugs mimic fasting effects. NAD is another molecule many supplement to replinish. IV reported most effective but is expensive and inconvenient

Tell me more about your fasting routing - do you do it? What would you recommend? I did some before, it's great stuff, but don't have any solid process for doing it.

Intermittent is usually 16 hrs eat during 8 hr window. I do 24 hrs once week. Once month try 48 hrs. Have done 72 before. But it can be debilitating Depends if have to work.

When you say fast - is water allowed? Do you have any good references I can read up more about fasting?

Water only. There's walter longo. Started fasting movement and diet to mimic it. Ucla prof. Has some Institute

Thanks. I gotta get back into the fasting.