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Triple <masterherdsman@mac.com>, date Wed, Apr 2, 2008 at 12:15 PM subject Re: block machine mailed-by gmail.com

If you have fabrication capacity, then you should proceed to build a machine by looking at our work -


We will be building a second machine starting probably in 4 weeks. Right now we are actually building a multipurpose tractor - both machines will run from the tractor hydraulics at the same time.

I can consider building a 3rd one in parallel if you pay me for it, otherwise I can't afford to spend the time. I offer to do it at the price of materials plus labor at $50/hour, plus shipping, with expected labor time of 30 hours. Just got a new MIG welder yesterday. Materials should be between $1350 and $2000 - steel prices went up. If you'd like to pursue this, call me at 816.645.5779 or marcin_ose on Skype.

We are in the same situation as you. We are building with the machine as soon as we have 2 available for building - before winter.