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Logistics and Practical Checklist

  1. Did you submit a resume?

I don't remember. He will follow up and send his resume.

  1. Please introduce yourself and what position you are applying for (if not clear on position, it will be covered later)

He wants to learn skills.

  1. Are you interested in working on-site at FeF or are you interested in remote collaboration.


  1. Are you applying as a volunteer or for a paid position?

Volunteer is good - to learn the skills for free - its like going to college

  1. Are you ok with a 2 week trial period? One month trial period?


  1. If it's the paid position, is $2000/month acceptable to you?
  2. Which track are you interested in (management or admin/apprentice/entrepreneur)
  3. When are you available?

July 1st is a good time - just got a job and should fill his commitment for a little while

  1. How long will you stay with us?

If he enjoys it - it could be a long-term commitment - could be 6 months or more

  1. How did you find out about us?

He stumbled upon it and emailed on a whim

  1. Have you seen my TED Talk?
  2. What do you care about?

Fixing our planet is the overlying message. The disparity/equality in efficiency, power, intelligence are not used to help people - too much money is spent on war and not on feeding people - the prices of the machinery are lower so we lower barriers

  1. What do you see yourself doing with us at Factor e Farm?

Learn the ropes, he's a quick learner, only needs to be shown once, would love to help with agriculture, construction, and manufacturing, whatever we need. He is gardening right now - he can be self directed - he's generally interested in things and is curious -

  1. How does our work relate to your care?

We lower barriers. He loves to build things, he's a thinker, he doesn't have tools or experience, but he loves to tinker and fix things.

  1. For that which you care about doing with us, what is your track record/work samples?
  2. Would you be willing to do video documentation?

I would be interested in that, has some graphic design experience, can do it. Will upload his personal video example. Assignment - take videos of the hablab and edit together a story video documenting the building of the hablab. We will send him a link to the playlist for the hablab. 3 minutes. Be as creative as you like - add music or voiceover - use your personal creativity to demonstrate what you're capable of. Due on Friday, May 11th. We will get back to him by Monday, the 13th.

  1. What inspires you? What makes you get out of bed?

That people are starting to see through the powers that be and the media and people are starting to do the right thing instead of what's the most profitable - change is coming instead of just ideas of change.

Select Questions

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. Tell me about the last 5 years of your life.

He did 3 years of high school at a public high school, then got a job at a cooperative grocery store, got a scholarship to a community college and did two semesters.

  1. What are you interested in getting out of this opportunity?

Training - learning skills - to be a part of the company - its an amazing opportunity - connections

  1. How do you see yourself adding value to OSE in the long term?

He has good ideas, big ideas but not the training to know if they'll work in the long run.

  1. What do you think is the best use of your time?
  2. What are your three strongest skills that you bring to this position? Substantiate.
  3. What are the principles you use as guidance?
  4. What are your professional accomplishments that you are most proud about?
  5. If you could investigate anything, what would it be?

Energy systems - energy resources

  1. What are your most important resources?
  2. What are the qualities that are inspiring about you?
  3. What opportunities are you hoping to get?
  4. What inspires you?
  5. What are your outside interests?
  6. How do you add value?
  7. What are 5 of your greatest accomplishments in your professional history?
  8. What are 5 of your greatest failures in your professional history?
  9. Illustrate your creativity.
  10. What do you look for when hiring someone?
  11. Would you rather create strategy, design a solution, solve a problem, or create a process? Why that?
  12. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Mentally strong, not really upsetable, gets along with people easily It's hard for him to come up with weaknesses - What did you learn in your present job or position? How long would it take you to make a contribution to this company? What do you imagine that contribution would be? Why should we hire you? What can you offer that someone else does not? What interests you most about this position? What interests you least about this position?