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Hello Open Source Hardware World! Starting to Log the progress around

Fri Dec 30, 2016

Update community:

Oct 9th-11th World health summit [[1]] poster presentation. "The M8 Alliance Scientific Committee has reached an agreement on the 10 best abstracts for the New Voices in Global Health program 2016. We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected as one of the 10 winners." About the event: more than 1,600 participants from more than 90 nations on site, about 3,000 people from 100 countries using our live-stream, more than 1,200 people using our conference hashtag #WHS2016, about 10,000 interactions on Facebook, and plenty of media coverage.

WHS Berlin 2016.jpg

Prior to the event Oct 7th, tour at our facility (MDC) and presentation of the open source imaging project for the young physician leaders (~30 people) [[2]]. Here is also a short impression of Damir Ivankovic [[3]].

YPL tour at BUFF.JPG

Two Master Thesis project collaborations with Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg (with Manuel Moritz) on the value and business model around an open source MRI. Starting Jan 2017.

Study group on reproducible research approved in Nov 2016 by the ISMRM. Will start most probably at next years ISMRM 2017 conference in Hawaii. We will get involved and push open source hardware. Also opensourceimaging discussed in the ISMRM engineering study group. Next skype meeting Jan 2017.

Discussion with ISMRM [[4]] web committee (Brian Hargreaves (Stanford), Michael Hansen (NIH), Daniel Gallichan (Cardiff, UK), Craig Mayer (Virginia), Martin Uecker (Göttingen, GER)) about officially linking to ISMRM. Very positive resonance, we will try to further work on it in the MR research community. Next skype meeting Jan 2017.

Echopen [[5]] collaboration to organize an open health summit 2017, probably in Paris. We are working on a commons document that can be sent out to the community. We want to connect the community around open source soft/hardware developments of medical devices. Next Skype meeting Jan 2017.

Abstract submitted on the open source imaging initiative for the ISMRM 2017 in Hawaii, US. [[6]]. Here is the abstract: [[7]]. Next to Marcin the abstract has over 50 co-authors (among them many professors) from 35 international institutions. A good signal/motivator towards more OS research and developments.

Update hardware:

COSI Measure updated, specified and documentation is being prepared. Specs: Submillimeter precision, can lift >20kg, ~2000€, can be modified for CNC and other application making it a universal research tool.

Cosi measure.jpg

Cosi measure precision.jpg

good news: BeBoPr++ will be made completely open source (we talked to Sander Laarhoven, the son of Bas who passed away). With that we have a complete open motor driver control together with the OS beagle bone.

Prototype magnet finished and measured. Current design is stable and compares well to the simulations (<3%). Slight deviation in y-axis. Next step implementing some shimming.

Prototype sim vs meas.jpg Prototype sim vs meas 2.jpg

Abstract submitted on the OS MR transmission/reception system to the ISMRM 2017 in Hawaii, US. [[8]]. Here is the abstract: [[9]]. Publication and documentation will be prepared next. Here is a photo of the whole system that fits on a small table:

Cosi transmit.jpg

We will start a collaboration with Prof. Andrew Webb from Leiden, Netherlands, who received two small grants on building an MRI for Uganda in collaboration with Delft university. His MRI will be constructed based on our simulations and hardware and made available open source. I will go to Leiden, Netherlands Feb 2017 to discuss this project further.

Fri Sep 30, 2016

COSI Magnet: Single ring results look fantastic! Less than 2% difference to simulation. Gluing needs some more quality control on airbubbles, one magnet popped out. Epoxy glue strong enough to hold two rings together, no extra mounting needed at the moment. Second ring is drying and the prototype magnet will be mounted and measured next week.

New One Ring Field YAxis.png

COSI Measure: Partlist finished. Only chassis mount left and connection cable (delivery beginning next week).

Cosi measure.jpg

Cosi measure precision.jpg

COSI RFPA: Power amp test successful, blanking/unblanking "dead" time around 100müs, should be sufficient. w6pql kit arrived, together with the transistors we have a spare part power amp stage now, just in case.

Outreach: 15 projects on, goal is 20 by the end of october. A petition has been started on a ISMRM study group on reproducible research, initially started as a software initiative, we will participate to put hardware on the agenda as well.

Tue Sep 27, 2016

T-Con with Manuel Moritz (Hamburg) and Felix Arndt (lawyer) on organizing workshop beginning of october on legal strategies for open source value creation (collab with Prof. Dana Beldiman). Casestudy: open source MRI COSI-Measure: new motor couplers arrived, do we have higher speed and power now? COSI-Magnet: Individual rings glued, next: measurement of a single ring and assembly.

Mon Sep 26, 2016

Gagetron [10], OpencoreNMR [11] and SimpleElastix [12] added to the website. COSI-Measure: cable chains mounted, working fine now

COSI-Measure cableChainLimitSwitch1.jpg COSI-Measure CableChainLimitSwitches2.jpg.

Fri Sep 23, 2016

Presentation for the Science Hack Day Berlin 2016 [13] finished. Here you can find the presentation: [14]

COSI-Measure: Bad news, Bas the creator of the Beagle Bone add on board BeBoPr++ apparently passed away [15], we need some alternative design now

RFPA: Good news thanks to Werner, new transistor in place and the RFPA is running. We will try it out next week and hopefully no more surprises.

Thu Sep 22, 2016

Gradient: Simulations done for the prototype, radius ~ 20cm -> Gradient strength ~30mT/m, Concept for the mechatronic subsystem of the gradient ready plus nice drawings by Eva Open source magnetic resonance imaging log evaSchematic.jpg :)

Wed Sep 21, 2016

Magnet: PMMA parts arrived, hurray! Now glueing can start of the first prototype magnet.

COSI-Measure: CAD files modification for limit switch holder and cable chain generated and send for 3D print. Cables and connectors ordered.

Tue Sep 20, 2016

Poster for World Health Summit finished. File:20160909 WHS Poster OpenSourceImaging LukasWinter.pdf

Mon Sep 19, 2016

RFPA: Transistor in power amp module down, input power to driver stage accidently too high hence input power at power amp too high. Solution: New LDMOS transistor ordered and damping at driver input will be included (hardware) to adjust the range to 0-1V (SDR output range). The damping can be replaced easily later on if another spectrometer is used, but a protection on hardware side is safer than on software side only.

Fri Sep 16, 2016

OSI outreach: Monthly team meeting yesterday (Simone, Haopeng, Ruben, Brian, Lukas). Targeting ISMRM Engineering Study group presentation slot at the next meeting (-> Simone), projectupload ongoing goal to reach 20 projects by october, fuse efforts with MR-Hub (talk to Brian Hargraeves and create project upload page)? Open up meistertask board and connect to slack, create guidelines page (license + legal framework + medical device development)

COSI hardware: RFPA: un-/blanking timing solved, 600A transistor and 0.1ohm resistor solves the timing issue after blanking, now we are at around 100müs after transmit pulse until readout can be applied which is sufficient RF Coil: measurements done (Christian) at PTB with TEM cell and Frank Magnet: PMMA rings ordered, gradient simulations ongoing (-> Raphael) Measure: Finishing the cabling/connectors (-> Haopeng), modified 3D CAD chain holder needed (-> Lukas), motor coupler order did not arrive yet (26.08.)