Lulzbot Mini

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Setup and Connection

Installed Cura from Ubuntu Software Center. Upon opening with USB that came from Lulzbot, the Rocktopus loaded automatically.

Cura did not connect to Ubuntu 12.04. It says:


"Opening Serial Port..." but nothing happens. Appears to have been a faulty cable.


  • Tom's Guide - [1] review.
  • Tom's Guide April 2015 - Lulzbot is the best intermediate printer out there. - [2]
  • April 2015 - 3D Print Mag has Lulzbot Taz 5 as one of top 3D printers -
  • Mini is the only 3D printer with auto bed leveling?
  • Ultimaker appears to not have it off-shelf as of December 18, 2014
  • Makerbot Replicator 2 appears not to have it off-shelf as of 4/14 - [3]

FreeCAD Files