Lulzbot TAZ Auto Bed Leveling

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Your TAZ will absolutely be upgradeable. As a Free Libre Open source company, we will always be sharing our complete Bill of Materials ( complete Assembly Directions ( and everything we are currently working on via our Devel site (

We don't have plans of offering an official upgrade kit, but since all our 3D printers are Open Source Hardware, you can source components and modify your printer! An advanced forum user built their own TAZ 6!:

We do plan on carrying a few of the harder to source items in our online store. We will be carrying the TAZ 6 aluminum bed plate, a complete TAZ 6 controller box, 12mm bushings, 12mm rods, TAZ 6 lead screws, etc. These parts will not be available immediately, but you can find what we plan to carry in our existing Completed Bill of Materials Section.

We have had many customers already implement different versions of automatic bed leveling on our previous TAZ's and they have been kind enough to share them with us:

Lastly, we do not offer any sort of exchange program for our printers.

Thank you!