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About Metropolitan Community College - Kansas City

  • Through MCC - related instructions - fully funded - with apprenticeship certification.
  • Money paid to veteran - apprenticeship funding -
  • They take school at MCC - they take care of 'related training'
  • Government pays for teh UCC part - covers MMC tuition. For how many credits?
    • Flexibility in the number of student credits
  • Temp lodging and costs so students don't
  • Not a degree program.
  • Under apprenticeship model - apprentices are under apprenticeship model. Grant.
  • Consider students as vets as apprenticeship.
  • VA -> Apprentice -> MCC pays
  • MO is good in terms of many internships coming online.


  • Web design, graphic design [1]
  • Business, logistics, operations mgmt - [2]