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This process kicks off other processes and decides what to do next. It is the heart of the MES and directly interacts with customer orders, returns and other data to decide how to manage all other processes.

Flow-charting here: Planning Schema here:

NOTE: THIS IS IN PROGRESS - Documentation will float between here and google drive folders. final design will reside on wiki and will link to requisite other files.

Primer on SQL

SOURCE: - Thank you everyone at Stack Overflow.

  • SQL views - A table contains data, a view is just a SELECT statement which has been saved in the database (more or less, depending on your database).The advantage of a view is that it can join data from several tables thus creating a new view of it. Say you have a database with salaries and you need to do some complex statistical queries on it. Instead of sending the complex query to the database all the time, you can save the query as a view and then SELECT * FROM view
    • So the view is actual a table that was made by a select statement. The view is stored and can be accessed so what would be the different between creating a new table with that information instead of a view.
      • You can think of a view as a "saved select statement" that you can repeat. It's not really a table; even though some databases allow to create views that have a real table beneath, it's really just a SELECT statement which returns results.
  • Foreign keys - when the ID (one ID pre row is critical) of another table is used in this table.

SQL architecture


This is to cover the architecture of the SQL Schema that this module of the MES uses.



    • Orders Master Table View
      • Overview: This table shows the current placed orders and links to the customer that placed it. Also has keys to
      • Columns:
        • PID - Foreign key to the Products table for what product is ordered
        • Qty - how much was ordered
    • Products Master Table View
      • Columns:
    • Traceability Master Table View
      • Columns:
    • Customer Data Table View