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The Titan Aero nozzle heat-tightening procedure does not address obtaining a desired heater block angle, unless I'm missing something. This is required in many appplications, and should be mentioned.

I'm referring to Step 39 at

Titan Aero Assembly

The procedure at calls for tightening the nozzle with the heat break not connected to the extruder proper.

This will produce random results in terms of heater block angle once screwed into the extruder: you simply can't predict what angle the heater block will end up at. This matters in many cases, and any mention of this is omitted. As such, re-doing the heat tightening to achieve the correct angle is likely to be necessary in most cases - which is a sensitive step as people can mess up the threads or tighten insufficiently unless they are familiar with proper torquing.

The heat break must be tightened into the extruder proper first, no?

marcin jakubowski - 2 minutes ago To address the last comment - I would suggest the following for heat tightening:

Step 38A: (Remove the heat break from the hot end and) Screw the heat break into the extruder body by hand - and then tighten gently using vise grips. Warning: do not mess up the threads on the heat break by clamping too hard on the threads.

Step 38B: Screw the heater block (with heater cartridge and thermistor already inserted if doing the Volcano heater block, as they won't fit later)) over the heat break until the correct angle of the heater block is achieved. Screw in the nozzle loosely.

Step 38C. Heat up the block.

Step 38D. Once at temperature for 1 minute, tighten the nozzle to fix the heater block at the correct angle.

Am I missing something, or is this the only way to achieve the desired heater block angle?