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A perfect community or co-living in a thriving environment. Some community. Yoonseo was there. Then they came to get us with guns. It was first a bugout. But it came about that my visiting location was a stronghold of an integrated community, designed by Colby or with his participation. The human relations were perfected: $10/day cost of.livig for a full house of working infrastructure. People completely respected their needs and had an aura of respect for the other like nowhere else. All the design of the house was optimized such as a sink drain that was in a tiled bathroom on the ground without splashing water. It was completely optimized everything about the space was complete comfort and ergonomics. The people there each were doing extraordinary things, along the lines of learning and personal growth. But not in a proprietary way but in a way that reflected openness and access to anyone who wants the know-how or technology. By implication other features were there too such as renewable energy sustainable cars and food production, and manufacturing of everything that the community needed to thrive. But the bottom line was the amazing human relations of freedom respect openness collaboration. The feeling was of absolute abundance, as if this could be a model for everyone because nobody would be excluded from the know-how. Non-partisan and worldly.