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CNC torch table infographic final layout

  1. Take Modules Breakdown and picture of existing machine prototype/CAD to for image. See example with notes - [1].
  2. Use these files for future machine infographics:


  1. Download the blueprint background here
  2. Download the illustrator file here File:OSE infographic template (add thumbnail here)
  3. Download the arvo font here (add thumbnail here)

Needs Sequence

  1. Tractor (approved 12-08-2013)
  2. Ironworker (starting this week)
  3. CEB Press (starting this week)
  4. Backhoe (starting this week)
  5. Soil Pulverizer
  6. Power Cube
  7. Microtractor
  8. CNC Circuit Mill + Laser Cutter + 3D Printer (Hydrafabber)
  9. Dimensional Sawmill
  10. CNC Precision Multimachine
  11. Open Source Welder