Machine Naming Convention

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The official names of the Global Village Construction Set machines are found at Use these names exactly as they are on the gvcs.php page to maximize searchability and minize ambiguity.

Other Notes

For branding clarity purposes - OSE machines have unique name and numbering.

  • Name should be unique and reflect OSE Specifications in some way. Ex: The Liberator (for freedom from #1 cost in one's life); LifeTrac (lifetime design); PowerCube (cube for modular design).
  • Roman Numeral refers to a production iteration where significant changes were made. For example, the Factor e Farm Production Run of 2011 built 9 Power Cubes, but all of them were Prototype IV because they were identical.
  • It is useful to use a large number, like 500, for the number of hours in operation as an additional descriptor. For example: LifeTrac IV-500 which signifies 500 hours of field use.
  • OSE Title Block should have machine name, compliance with Open Source Hardware Definition, and OSE Machine Logo. Product labels should include OSH label for compliance, OSE Machine Logo, and further descriptors of OSE Label.