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McCall, Mackenzie E. (MU-Student) <> to, date Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 7:27 PM subject Factor E Farm mailed-by

Hello Joseph (and Brittany),

I was at the presentation you all gave at MU a couple weeks ago regarding the farm you all started. I had some qualms with the earth block system in regards to rate of production, etc., but after I thought about you two attempting to build a sustainable house on your own, the compressor would be very convenient in allowing more "free" time to work on other projects. I am interested in creating/supporting sustainable lifestyles so that the human population can live productive lives outside of the capital system and become more in tune with each other and the environment. I realize this is pretty basic stuff I'm talking about right now, but I would like to learn just how it is done through horitculture and raising animals. I am currently looking for a place to spend the summer so if you all need help or have room I would be interested in learning on what projects you all will be working on and where, if at all I could be of assisstance.

Enjoy your day, Mackenzie McCall 417-343-0054

Dear Mackenzie,

We would be glad to have you here, but at this phase, we have only camping and you'd have to share food costs of whatever we can't provide on the farm. The latter is because we're still starting, and are not really earning yet. Food costs would be $50 per month.

Regarding items to do, there's plenty on orchard maintenance, fertility building, etc. Plus, we'll be starting to build - aiming for May 1 to start. Right now we're preparing the equipment.

I guarantee that hanging out here would change many of your perspectives. It did to us.

Let me know what you think. By the way, we got reinvited to MU - to a more engineering lecture on April 24, though the date is not final.

Sincerely, Marcin and Brittany