Mailing List Requirements

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  1. Embeddable Signup box that can be embedded in any site via HTML - so that capture of emails is very easy
  2. Function is broadcasting announcements. Simple one way communication, for ongoing OSE activity.
  3. Ability to manage multiple lists readily: announcements, news, etc. The regular email list for regulars. One should be for dedicated followers (true fans, etc) and another for the general public, media.
  4. Allows users to unsubscribe themselves, via a link at the end of an email.
  5. Infinitely scalable, and immediately usable with 100,000 users
  6. Well documented and well-supported software, with good potential of long life (decades into the future)
  7. An OSE-specific instructional is available for managing the list
  8. Allows unlimited sending of messages
  9. Once a person signs up themselves, email spam filters do not catch emails
  10. Allows a backup dump of all subscribers
  11. Allows plain text
  12. One way list
  13. Bounced message reports are available via interface


  1. Easy interface for managing message composition, preferably with a standard template for emails
  2. Allows HTML embed in email
  3. domain name - if possible
  4. Allows a well-formatted embed of newsletter into other websites, such as blog or wiki

For Discussion

  1. Removes users automatically if mail address fails permanently (no longer a valid email)