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Sample evaluation questions for a maintainer of any of the 50 GVCS pages or subpages:

  • Sample test questions:
  • Provide 3 technology tree of choices options for the given machine, and state 3 main reasons for why the OSE choice has been made, and state 3 important reasons for why the next best choice has been eliminated.
  • Provide an OSE Specification Scorecard for a given technology that has been chosen.
  • Provide an OSE Specification Scorecard (quantitative) for a specific module of any of the 50 technologies, and discuss how that score compares to the one that has not been chosen (also provide a quantitative score).
  • State the acceptable performance level (production rate, cost, operator labor requirement) of a given GVCS machine that is currently under development
  • What is the current status of the machine/technology?
  • What is the priority level of the tecnology based on the OSE Roadmap?
  • Who are the active Dev Team members and Ad-Hoc contributors contributing on the critical path for that project?
  • What needs to be done next to organize the next production workshop on the machine?
  • What are the main unresolved issues for project completion?
  • What are the known bugs?

About Maintainers' Role

Great insights.

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