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Hey Britney and Marcin, It's Malavika from Columbia (I came out to your place with Kat last May). Anyway, I wanted to let you know about a couple of things that might be helpful for your eventual agricultural product marketing. There's a website called that hooks up buyers and sellers of MO agricultural products and goods. There are anything from fruit, nuts to meat. Also, there's a listserve that I'm on about sustainable agriculture (it's run through the University of Missouri), but sometimes folks email on that looking for things as duck eggs, produce, hay bales's pretty varied. They also post some interesting articles of sust. ag issues quite often. If you look up Sustainable Agriculture in the University of Missouri- Columbia website, it'll point you to how to join it. Also, there's a woman named Debbie Kelly (I'll email you an article about her) who might also be helpful for y'all once you're ready to market any products. She is a storehouse of information about Missouri agriculture and marketing. Anyway, I hope y'all had bountiful summer and didn't get too wet! It'd be great to come back out and see how you are doing and help with projects sometime. Have a lovely day! cheers, malavika