Marcel Botha

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I am an Architect, Engineer, Product Manager and Technologist. I make physical things. I started with buildings. My last "traditional" building was a Catholic church<>. My first digitally printed/cut building was an emergency shelter<>. I dabbled in advertising, and won a scholarship for an ad campaign for Durex condoms, but decided to rather go to MIT using architecture as my Trojan Horse. I specialized in Digital manufacturing, Assembly Engineering and Media Arts. I designed soft cars for GM. Busses<> and Bus Stops<> for Paris. Helped build a mesh networking company,SNIFLABS<,,20491678,00.html> (Now General Sensing<>) with a first product for Social Networking of Pets (think Nike+, Foursqaure, and FB for your dog). Developed The Betacup<> with with fellow overlapper Toby Daniels, Starbucks and Jovoto. Convinced the Nordics that Mono-skiing<> was a resurgent trend on behalf of McDonalds during Christmas 2009.

I needed more. In 2010 I started devoting my time exclusively to projects that were relevant, scalable, complex and mostly medical in nature. Since, I have developed a low cost electronic stethoscope, helped to reinvent the colposcope and launched Timesulin. <>