March 2014 - Documentation for Viral Replication

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Pirate Pad

for today's notes -


Welcome to the March 27, 2014 True Fans Hangout

Discussion: (1) Update on OSE - workshops next month, (2) Documentation Platform, (3) Q &A


Larry Cuba - following us for a couple of years. Building with 1" scale tubing. BitBeam - Jason Huggins, Chicago - Laser cut or 3D printed. Working on Snap connector for BitBeam. Holes compatible with Lego Technic.

Randy Peterson -

Shishir Rajan -


Viveik Saigal -

Andrew Graham


Christian -

Alan Booker - Main Line Development + Patches - ability to submit patches. Push and pull. Process questions need to be addressed. Sit down with software people to learn how to do it. Get lessons learns, tools, and best practices.




Each machine has a person who is responsible for construction and documentation. Some of these are remote developers. People who download instructions and build machines should provide some contact information so we can see how the documentation and build worked.

Audio Recording

Coming... File:Martruefans.ogg