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This page is to Emily.

Marcin's Existing Commitments

last updated Sep. 11, 2012

These are my typical commitments by fraction per day. The total number of hours per year is noted in the legend.


These are the commitments that I hope to realize in 1.5 years.



Here are explanations of the above.

  • Sleep - sleeping and getting ready for sleep.
  • Meditation - yoga and meditation in a creative state of mind where I download answers rapidly
  • Prototyping - my life deals with building real infrastructures and physical systems. Prototyping involves physical building of these. This is core work as in the GVCS for Distributive Enterprise development. I put importance on this point because I am practicing beign a renaissance person, which means hands-on experience and skills (as opposed to theory).
  • Learning - refers primarily communing with the world's leading experts in their domains of experience. Secondary is internet learning about the work of those who I do not know directly. This also includes picking up new skills, such as CAD or enterprise development.
  • Rainmaking - this refers to producing significant results or world change by visionary work of strategy, process development, networking, leadership, standards-setting. This is based on my unique capacities leading to promoting human progress .
  • Personal - family, friends, rest, intimacy. High impact work that provides the vision.
  • Meetings - events where more than 2 people clarify commitments and promises towards each other for improved coordination of efforts
  • Managing - any conversations regarding how others may achieve improved performance, where I am teaching more than learning
  • Admin - non-productive work of administrative duties such as record-keeping and paperwork, which does not create human progress, but is a necessary part of keeping an organization together.


What I Love and Hate


  • I love focus. I hate inefficiency.
  • I love authority. I hate incompetence.
  • I love autonomy. I hate the slavery of sleepwalkers.
  • I love being authentic. I hate not being myself.
  • I love freedom. I hate alienation.
  • I love going deep. I hate skating the surface.
  • I love innocence. I hate fear.
  • I love old souls. I hate suspicion.
  • I love getting constructive feedback. I hate not being able to discuss with someone how they could improve.
  • I love working on important issues and playing to celebrate. I hate playing when I would rather be working.
  • I love working on things that are worth doing. I hate working on senseless things.
  • I love being by myself. I love being with others who are alive. I hate being around people who are dead.
  • I love starting epic movements. I hate to be the hero.
  • I love serving others, therefore I love serving myself.
  • I love listening. I love talking. I hate monologues.
  • I love open. I hate fear.
  • I love creating. I hate competing.
  • I love knowing scarcity. I love abundance. I hate scarcity.
  • I love performance. I love process that attains performance.
  • I love expanding. I know contracting.
  • I love meaning. I hate spam.


  • I love to collaborate with others where we are co-creating and learning at the same time. I hate being in meetings where people are working on things that they are not qualified to deliver.
  • I love hands-on experience with things that do make a difference. I hate armchair-theorizing on things that could make a difference.
  • I love creating innovation that breaks through new perspectives towards disruptive change. I love creating integrative, transformative realities. I hate being cinfined within the boundaries and limits of existing structures and inertias.
  • I love learning new things and integrating my skill set towards complete autonomy - so that I can be self-sufficient. I love being independent, so that I can relate openly to others. I hate herd mentality, where stability is boredom.
  • I love thinking about existing infrastructures and thinking about how they become infused with excellence, efficiency, and freedom. I hate being in an environment where it seems that nothing could be changed to make it more sustainable or regenerative.
  • I love interacting with others when I am learning, but I do not like situations which tend to be a one-way conversation.
  • I love when people take initiative, but I hate it when people take initiative in things where they have no merit.
  • I love to be entrepreneurial, and I hate it when someone things that others should be taking care of them.
  • I love creating solutions by myself when I am building on the work of others. I hate reinventing the wheel.
  • I love collaboration, constant feedback, and openness. I hate protectionism and fear.
  • I hate doing repetitive tasks. I love innovation.

Zone Moments

  • The most clear zone moment happened during SupporTED Collaboratorium 2012. There was a sudden moment when-my coaching group helped me break through the intellectualization of my messaging regarding Open Source Ecology - and helped me break through to a powerful, personal story that drives me. This was about regaining amazing clarity on the power of my work, and gaining clarity that this work will soon get a drastic boost of growth once messaging clarity will be attained. This moment was so powerful to me because I have struggled with the expression of my work for years, and I now got a taste of what it would be like if people actually understood. More importantly, I felt the power of what it would mean if people would understand - and I gained the insight that it actually is possible to communicate the true message of what my work is about. That is achieved simply by sharing the personal story - the why I do it - not what I do.
  • I receive zone moments every day in my meditation in the morning, where I am able to access a download of what feels like universal wisdom that allows me to grow at a rate faster than most people.
  • I had a zone moment when I was in the hospital after I got hit by a car in high school. I was on painkillers that got me really high - during which time I zoned into gratitude of being alive and having a life full of meaning - as opposed to chewing bubble gum and worrying what clothes I would wear - as many Americans do.