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  • Mark 3 more hoppers for cutting. See CEB Hopper CAD
  • Learn torching - Amanda - if confident, torch hopper sheet
  • Tack weld CEB grates
  • Inventory CEB frame metal and mark cut list
  • Cut CEB frames on abrasive saw (2 people)
  • Grind down CEB frame edges
  • Disassemble existing CEB hopper
  • drill wheel shafts


  • Upgrade Team Culturing to Databasing by resource pools
  • Provide briefing on IT infrastructure and security for scaling the project to true distributed, parallel development
  • Test CEB microcontroller
  • Set up steam engine project on Pivotal
  • Complete g-code conversion software script
  • Shake down torch cutting


  • Install Qcad on ubuntu
  • Power Cube Proto IV Design
  • Source wheels
  • Pick up wheels if found them
  • Learn to tack weld
    • Organize Welding Tutorial on wiki
    • 15 minute lesson from Marcin
    • Tack weld CEB grate
    • If confident, finish weld entire grate
  • Produce CAM (starting from 0,0 - no outer edges
    • PTO Gen mounting plate
    • Hyd motor interface plate
    • Hyd motor plate
    • Wheel lug plate
    • Shaker hyd motor mount plate
    • Engine mount plate (Power Cube)
    • Hydraulic pump mount plate (Power Cube)
    • Muffler mount
    • Muffler washer
    • Shaker bearing plate


  • Set up steam engine proj on Ppivotal
  • CNC torch all mounting plates
  • Midnight run of finishing PTO generator
  • Find out wiring instructions
  • Wire up generator
  • Marcin gets copy of OSE web backup plus backup is on a different server
    • I should own the account name and domain