Marcin Log - January 2012

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  • True Fans Update for Jan 30, 2012*

  • Troubles of scaling
  • Half Million $ in hand from Shuttleworth
  • HabLab walls have finally come together, should be ready within a month or two
  • Wall in HabLab plus brick spill

  • Minilathe, 2 Bridgeport Mills, and a surface grinder with Yoonseo*

  • Yoonseo explains lathe purpose and construction
  • Need CAD Model for CNC Circuit Mill
  • Marcin heads to Detroit tomorrow to pickup 2 mills and a surface grinder to work on steam engine

  • Dan on African Development*

  • Dan describes true problem of Africa is not lack of education but lack of opportunity for the many well-educated young people
  • New solutions popping up in Africa building family-model systems creating secondary economies where people in communities learn to build their own solar power, another learns car building, etc.
  • Community-supported manufacturing like this taking place all over, including a project Dan has made
  • Dan offers solutions to endemic problems with community-supporter manufacturing
  • education rant continued...discusses possibility of building stabilized soil floors


  • Quadrants of core self with Dan*

  • Dan explains a quadrant of core self--4 different elements of self: social, physical, spiritual, mortal
  • Talks about the inter-connectedness of life and how each element interacts with eachother, ourselves and society

  • Tree model of systems with Dan*

  • Dan talks about the interconnected tree model system of life, wherein all life revolves around a core model of rules, "the tree model"


  • Land Surveying with Dan*

  • Aquaculture ponds Explanation with Dan*

  • Dan explains the aquaculture pumping, controls, systems, algae, gases, etc.
  • valve explanation


  • Quick attach wheel assembly*

  • Prototype III of coupler- double chain sprocket coupler. Advantage: larger radius to withstand 15,000 inch pounds of torque

  • First HabLab double walls with Floyd*

  • HabLab Double-Wall construction

  • Beginning walls in HabLab*

  • HabLab wall construction, with Floyd
  • Discuss building materials and problems/solutions encountered

  • Yoonseo: prototype I of CNC Circuit Mill*

  • Yoonseo discusses details and alignment of his Circuit Mill prototype
  • Outlines challenges thus far: streamlining manufacturing process and having a process that ensures alignment

  • BioGas Production Process with Dan*

  • Dexter walks us through the biogas production cycle, inserting jokes to giggle at along the way

  • Methane Digester Explanation with Dan*

  • Explanation and walk-through of methane digester process (including its physical components)
  • Anecdotal biogas safety story

  • Mounting double chain coupler*


  • Austin Aquaponics*

  • Aquaponics concept system
  • Discussing the details of the aquaponics system
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8

  • Aquaponics water wall cooler*

  • Description of the Aquaponics cooling and fan system

  • Aquaponics water wall material*

  • Description of the materials for the Aquaponics' water wall
  • Overview of 300 gallon system

  • Workshop Break and Discussion*

  • Floyd discusses what work remains for the workshop build
  • Plans for the wall installation

  • CNC plasma table In action*

  • Overview of the CNC Plasma table use

  • Generating g-code*

  • Details of the G-Code generation


  • Workshop finishing*

  • Update with Floyd on the workshop build
  • Good news on the steam engine

  • Tractor quick connect wheel assembly*

  • Update for the Tractor construction
  • New concept for weight distribution
  • And in other news we have the Quick Connect Wheels
  • Field testing results -- moving 150 pallets, each of 3000 pounds

  • Next Steps for HabLab*

  • Floyd tells us whats to come in the HabLab construction
  • Starting wall construction


  • Power Cube Prototype 5*

  • Enhanced version of the Power Cube Prototype 5
  • Commercial Muffler and extension mod
  • Rubber vibration mounts to motor
  • Controller with thermostatic switch for fan
  • Addition of rubber hosing
  • Concepts in the works for the next generation prototype
  • Heating and cooling plans


  • Window Framing*