Marcin Log - June 2012

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  • Power Cube Wiring again*

  • step-by-step explanation of PowerCube wiring


  • Power Cube Wiring again*

  • step-by-step explanation of PowerCube wiring

  • Gabi Day 2*

  • Gabi buys an organic cow and works on infrastructure needed including fencing

  • Torch Table: first runs*

  • Yoonseo explains the torch table's first run with stepper motors and drivers, issues with stepper motors taking too much current, also explains documentation.


  • June 15 Standup*

  • Get tractor shipment out with James Slade, Brianna hatched 4 chicks, finished and testedangle clamp, helped prep shipment and ties up loose ends on ironworker, Gabrielle gets acquainted and makes plans for sweet potatoes, Jose uses ironworker and makes new iron table with Aiden, Chris does calculations on torch table and picks up materials, Aiden learns to change pump on PowerCube and creates a video of LifeTrac load, Darren works on limit switches and documentation for electronics for torch table.

  • Ironworker Limit testing*

  • Marcin and Brianna discuss testing procedure and force limit with ironworker.

  • Shipping CEB Press Pulverizer LifeTrac*

  • Gabrielle - Farm Manager - Day 1*

  • Gabrielle settles in to Factory E Farm and makes plans to tackle farm growth and make dairy management plan


  • June 14 Standup*

  • James Slade arrives with tractor, figuring out shipping/delivery options, James discusses his visit, Yoonseo interviews, does information sessions and makes simplification to cold saw, Ian continues to film the conclusion to his documentary on OSE, Darren does schematic captures for end stops, Chris continues fabrication of torch table and deals with constraints and updates wiki, Jose makes another new table but still lacks materials, Brianna works on ironworker tables with James and blew out tire on Marcin's truck while picking up matresses, Aaron gets acquainted with Factory E Farm, Aiden learns how to torch and makes plans for welding table,

  • June 14 Update, Factor e Farm*

  • Update with Marcin and James Slade on LifeTrac progress and reception.
  • Marcin updates on Factor E Farm, additional rooms going into HabLab, extreme growth and near self-sufficiency.


  • June 13 Standup*

  • LifeTrac has great reception in Texas, prototypes working well with rigorous testing, the boys discuss LifeTrac successes and issues
  • 2


  • June 12 Standup*

  • Did quality control and documentation for sensor on CEB Press, recruiting info for documentation team, Yoonseo worked on sensor documentation and design rationale for cold saw and dimensional adjustments, Aiden sourced and designed beds for newcomers and gets HabLab ready, Chris works on sketchup software, diagram torch table, continue hydraulic system, Jose make part of torch table, tractor weights, Brianna continues on ironworker with angle knife and spacing, Darren improves table.


  • June 11 Standup*

  • Yoonseo simplifies cold saw design, progress on torch table and stepper controllers, Brianna continues with ironworker--completed testing for clamping system-- and shearing, Aiden finishes platform for waste receptacles, removes junk cars and plans to work on CEB checklist and HabLab work, Jose makes second weight, Chris follows up with Swagger, hydraulic system and parts for torch table, Marcin discusses infrastructure issues.

  • Surface grinding ironworker angle shear blade*

  • Brianna explains surface grinding with the ironworker, a how-to and tips
  • How to dress the wheel, how to do machining,


  • Documentation Team Recruiting*

  • Documentation slow and painful as the project scales, so we secured funding for multiple full-time documentation workers and team


  • Chapati 101*

  • Chapatti instructions with Marcin

  • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Experiment *

  • Yup, you read right.


  • June 8 Standup*

  • Well Pump*


  • Cnc Torch Table End Stops*

  • Yoonseo explains design of end stop for CNC torch table


  • June 6 standup*

  • Cleaned up scrum board, worked on well and water issues, torch table design revisions, Aiden organizes and updates wiki, Brianna assembled ironworker's hydraulic assembly, Jose organizes recycling center, works on tractor weights, and creates shopping list for rack materials, Yoonseo works on cold saw and stepcontrollers, and does testing.

  • Tractor Quick Connect*

  • Recruiting - Construction Director - Matt Schwabauer*


  • Standup June 5*

  • Marcin updates on his trips, Brianna and Jose update on ironworker progress, Yoonseo discusses shelf build--waiting on more materials and circuit mill progress, Aiden works out video-editing kinks but hopes to post new videos today.


  • June 4 Scrum*

  • Yoonseo worked on electronic workstation, worked on shelves and worked on implementing new development tactic, Chris does general cleanup and wiki work for torch table, Aiden organized HabLab construction equipment, finished recycling structure design and finished woodpile with water diverion system, Jose fixed a bike, partied, showed the guys a new welding system and built a new table w/ wheels.
  • 4 Scrum part 2


  • Well Drilling 101 part 1*

  • The basics of well drilling: variation, water levels, well info, drill info, etc.
  • 2
  • 3

  • Drilling perfectly positioned holes ironworker*

  • Saturday, June 2, Berlin*

  • Marcin talks about documentation and future plans, and explains lack of documentation as of late