Marcin Log - March 2012

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  • March 28 Update*

  • Spring has sprung at Factor e Farm
  • Marcin describes the extreme manufacturing with the SCRUM process and method development and preparing workshop


  • HabLab Plumbing with Floyd*

  • Floyd shows Marcin the plumbing process for HabLab


  • Chicken Incubation: Batch 1*


  • HabLab Update -- March 23*

  • Exciting news: viral collaboration
  • Prototypes of product pages
  • Microtasking a huge project into small pieces to crowd-source involvement in order to get the most done possible--including the SCRUM process and global collaboration


  • HabLab Update -- March 23*

  • Marcin covers sewage, propane, water heater and internal structures

  • Battery Bus Bar Connection*

  • Marcin discusses battery problems and solutions


  • Thursday standup at FeF with Scrum*

  • Jose and Marcin describe SCRUM process and development
  • Discuss step-by-step process and techniques to making the SCRUM process work
  • Day 2

  • Electrical in HabLab*

  • Floyd discusses electrical system in HabLab


  • Preparing Stucco Mix*

  • How-to and recipe for preparing stucco mix


  • March 19 Update*

  • Marcin describes incorporation of SCRUM process/technique as applied to OS hardware development, Wikispeed car a month out, 501C3 non-profit status,


  • March 11, 2012 Update*

  • Marcin updates followers about HabLab construction (ready in about a week) and workshop development.
  • Announces Wikispeed collaboration project

  • Open Source Sailing Drones - Protei*

  • Cesar describes his open-source sailing project drones project, Protei, focusing on the management structure

  • TED Fellow Alex Odundo*

  • TED Fellow Alex Odundo describes his innovation in African agriculture, including the open=source creation of tools

  • Damian - bioleaching of metals*

  • Damian discusses future metal extraction technology via biological processes--next-gen metal processing for GVCS


  • Open Source Documentary -- Dec 2012*

  • Surface Water Well*

  • Marcin describes temporary water catchment system

  • Bottom stand for ironworker machine*


  • Dimensional Sawmill Structure Complete*

  • Ironworker progress March 3*

  • Briana discusses her progress with the Ironworker
  • Despite a couple hiccups, on track.
  • Tips n' tricks and techniques
  • torch
  • Ironworker linkage


  • HabLab March 8 Update*

  • Sewage and septic lines over, rainwater catchment and general overview of interior construction

  • Floyd Discusses HabLab Construction -- March 08*

  • Marcin Talks with TED Fellow Dominic Muren*

  • Dominic Muren, founder of Humble Factory, discusses his open-source project


  • TIG Welding 101*


  • A 5-Minute Introduction to SCRUM*

  • Marcin and the SCRUM team discuss SCRUM over dinner
  • Describes the rules for a SCRUM team and the outcomes of this corporate model


  • Bre Pettis and Makerbot at TED*

  • Video of MakerBot doin' its thang

  • Meet Brianna Kufa*

  • Briana Kufa introduces herself and discusses her Ironworker Machine project, a time-saving machine for shearing and punching
  • Ironworker modeled after the commercial Piranha model, but with a few improvement mods

  • Meet the Wikispeed Team and Facility*

  • Joe Justice and Rob Beresford of Wikispeed show them their shop, project and team
  • Talk about how they are open-sourcing a car and the tools and software needed


  • BIL and TED Updates*

  • Marcin talks about collaborative efforts and project updates