Marcin Log - May 2012

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  • Scrum May 31*

  • Yoonseo discusses current projects, including organization project and freezer conversion kit, sourcing and shelves, guest appearance by Aidan, Jose makes a table, Chris works on torch table wiki and Brianna remachined the angle cover mount.

  • Principe Island Project with Jose fom Shuttleworth*

  • Jose talks about the Principe Island Project off the coast of Africa that offers responsible development over a 50-year project


  • Scrum May 30*

  • Yoonseo updates with the workshop organization project, Brianna films (this time), Jose talks about his work on for protection for the press, Chris talks about work on torch table CAD designs and general farm, workshop and wiki upkeep.


  • Scrum May 29*

  • Update on work being done

  • Shuttleworth Gathering*

  • Marcin's Shuttleworth peeps
  • crew

  • Shuttleworth gathering w/Allen Gunn*

  • Shuttleworth intro meeting


  • Memorial scrum*

  • Brianna plays scrum leader in Marcin's absence, Jose cleans house and plans to begin fixing PowerCube, Chris sets up and begins laying out parts for torch table including scrap parts, Yoonseo continues workshop organization

  • Discussion with Allen Gunn*

  • Executive director of NGO Aspiration--helps global NGOs more effectively use technology
  • Marcin and Allen discuss possibilities of CAD platform for OSE
  • Should model it as a community engagement opportunity that is designed for specific users and encourages community involvement in the process


  • Gabrielle and Aaron w/ Johnathan Yelenick of Blacktail Co-op*


  • Initial Pulverizer Testing on Lifetrac*


  • May 24 Standup*

  • Brianna finishes fabricating blades, others discuss LifeTrac modifications

  • Rosa's CEB Press automation testing*

  • Detailed How-To with Marcin for CEB Press testing, including how to find Wiki documentation and code files

  • CEB controller tutorial*

  • Detailed How-To with Marcin for CEB Press controller testing, including how to find Wiki documentation and code files
  • up CEB with battery


  • May 22 Standup*

  • Updates with 10KW converter, issues (and solutions fom Briana )with water system.

  • Farm Director - Gabrielle LeBlanc - Work Plan*

  • Hour-long discussion and plan introduction with Gabrielle LeBlanc and Marcin

  • Cloud CAD Demo - 01*


  • Monday Crack of Dawn Meeting*

  • Readying tractor today, test CEB PRess, pulverizer next up, Brianna continues with cover plate.


  • May 18 Standup*

  • Brianna finishes angle cover blade and discusses future plans, while others plan to fix PowerCube

  • Workshop Infrastructure 1*

  • Marcin explains the infrastructure for the workshop, including non-functional converter, basic power setup, chargers, converters, etc.
  • Infrastructure 2

  • MIG Welding for Beginners*

  • Miguel Castro Jr. creates MIG Welding for Beginners How-To, including intro, basics, beginniner techniques and safety steps.


  • May 17 Standup*

  • Finishing up tractors and CEB press, welding and PowerCube progress.

  • Ironworker angle blade install*


  • May 16 standup*

  • 10 kilowatt power converter coming and other news and updates


  • May 15 standup*

  • Brianna discusses process with ironworker, Yoonseo figures some stuff out

  • Flash Steam Generator*

  • Basic overview of how to make a flash steam generator


  • Rotary 3-Phase Converter*

  • Brianna explains the 3-phase conversion of the power converter


  • Daily standup May 11, 2012*

  • Marcin develops flash mob platform, PowerCube coupling, recruiting wave for July 1, Brianna bores out half-moons on iron worker, Yoonseo continues office stuff


  • Not-so-daily scrum May 10*

  • Marcin recruits, Yoonseo talks about hands-on work and sourcing, Brianna is milling


  • Resource Development Team - May 9, 2012*

  • Weekly meeting

  • LifeTrac update via Creation Flame*

  • Creation Flame makes modifications and updates to the LifeTrac, including wearing issues with PowerCube


  • Ironworker blades*

  • Brianna with the top arm of the ironworker and how blades go on


  • 3-Phase Rotary Converter*

  • Brianna shows the boys how to change power converter to 3-phase
  • Hint: read the directions


  • LifeTrac Quick Attach Wheels Assembly with Creation Flame*

  • Creation Flame in Cedar Creek, Texas made a set of QA wheels using a new collar and thrust bearing design to prevent shaft slippage. This design is now currently being tested and results will be reported later.


  • Ironworker blades with Marcin and Brianna*

  • Troubleshooting with Brianna

  • Power Cube Stackability*

  • Coupler, suction and pump advice and instructions with Marcin