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Marcin requested the following agend for a working session.


I would like to request a working session to help me focus my development of an advisory team, based on the specific state/needs of our organization (see Strat Plan). We have an organization for which advisory teams are indispensible. I would like to gain clarity on the types of advisory teams that we should form, how to create them strategically, and I would like to request that if you are inspired by our work, that you join us as an adviser on issues of Advisory Board Creation. I ask this because in one of your talks, you mentioned that consulting is your day job, and your passion is mentoring/coaching people. I am looking for mentors/coaches who I give to by inspiring them and they in turn help feed the completion of our project. We have an open franchise model, and my goal is to create a resource for future Incubators (see Strat Plan) to create their advisory boards strategically. This is important to me because my day job is creating new civilizations.

Intended outcome:

Identification of a few potential Advisory Board Members who would like to mentor/coach me. Initial steps to formulating an Advisory Board Development Strategy. Your commitment to continue developing Advisory Board Strategy, or introductions to others who can help.