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Hi Marcin,

cc. Ben

Ben thanks for making the connection.

In 2005 we had MIT Professor Neil Gerschenfeld talk about FabLabs at our Future Salon.

It is great to see that you are doing it on a farm level.

I would love to have you present your goals and experiences at a Future Salon. Would Thursday the 18th of July work for you?

Let me know, Mark. - Show quoted text -

On Sun, May 25, 2008 at 9:23 PM, XXX XX XXXXX wrote:

   Hi Mark-
   Here is the link to Factor E farm site. and
   Here is more technology from Reinhold Ziegler.
   We are preparing to install the vertical aeroponic system with a vietnamese business group and bhuddist organisation San Jose at a site in Gilroy. The greenhouse is already built and we hope to begin production within 30 days.
   This is going to Marcin, his email above, he is the promoter of the openfamtech system. This will put you in touch if he wants to do a presentation at SAP or whatever, your future salons.
   Had a great time, really nice presentation by the Masai. I will certainly be interested in being kept up to date on your events.

   On 25/05/2008, Mark Finnern <fi*> wrote:
       Hi Ben,
       Was great to have you at the last Future Salon.
       You talked about a machine that can built itself and everything else for 30K.
       That would be an interesting Future Salon topic, do you have me some more details?
       Also the tree killing bug and the fish that eats even bullfrogs would be great to get some background.
       Hope you have a great long weekend, Mark.

   Certified Permaculture Designer 

from Marcin Jakubowski <> to cc XXX XX XXXXX date Mon, May 26, 2008 at 9:43 AM subject Re: $30K Self-replicator ...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the invitation, and Ben, thanks for the connection. Thursday, July 18 will work.

Please view some further information regarding our work, and let me know which areas will be particularly interesting to your group:

1. Global Village Construction Set on our blog:

2. Foundation for Peer-to-Peer Alternatives about our work:

3. Open Source Technology Pattern Language:

4. Development pages: and overview:

5. BoingBoing and Wired Magazine Blog features:

6. Year 1 of our life at Factor e Farm:

7. Economic Model:

I look forward to talking with you regarding further details. This sounds like it will be an enlightening experience on both sides.

Thanks, Marcin Jakubowski, Ph.D. Open Source Ecology (c) 816.645.5779 Skype: marcin_ose