Market Share Capture Risk

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24 Person Cohorts discusses the freeloader dilemma: of others capturing market share too fast. The proposed solution is absolutely not enclosure, but a higher onus on OSE to Build Transcendent Culture

  1. First of all, define and document the culture, expectations, possibilities. This is like an onboarding document, but it is published as a global manifesto of cultural significance. Jim Collins + Steve can help define.
  2. recruit for the culture
  3. cultivate the open collaborative culture
  4. Create quality, rapid learning programs that ensure cultural succcess
  5. OSE school teaches culture first, only upon graduating culture - do we move on to technical. High guardianship of culture. Marcin and Catarina's role is Protector of Culture
    1. Culture teaching is Friday on a 4x10 schedule. The test is making proposals that qualify for
      1. Abundance Numeracy - without understanding the physical basis for abundance - ie, energy and material distribution on the earth, one cannot commit to the topic fully. Nor think about human evolution on the Kardashev Scale
      2. Art of Possibility - a mindset of several principles. Observe how many of the 12 principes a person displays. Simply countemup.
  6. Identify the psychographic as clearly as possible. See The Psychography of an Open Source Ecologist. This may be some surprising character type, and if it doesn't exist, we'll create it.
  7. Uncover relevant, avialable psychographics assessments related to ethical, honorable behavior


  1. Is there some natural affordance of our program that promotes high retention in the culture, as opposed to defection?
    1. Clearly this affordance must be created very deliberately. It will not just happen, that's magic thinking. It is more like, how do we create the Ethics Flywheel, once spun up, it always elicits honorable behavior.
  2. What is the key metric to track for understanding the level of OSE culture adoption
  3. How do I author or coauthor the document of cultural signficance, defining the future culture of humanity with respect to abundance, prosperity, and integrity? Who are the leading thinkers on this?