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So, you want to build a village?

Does a 2 hour work day sound good to you? Are you tired of pushing paper or making money for somebody else, so you only have weekends and rare moments to spare?

What if you could eliminate all bureaucracy in your life, your costly car mechanic, your housing costs, your personal financial contribution to war? Here's a formula. Be self-sufficient. Make enough money to live the finest life, but still not enough to pay for your oppression. Gather a few of your friends, get yourself a 5 acre suburban plot, install your Fab Lab, plant your orchard, and build a house with greenhouse.

Why isn't everybody doing this? Because disintegrated education leads to disintegrated lives leads to dependent lifestyle. Dependent on The System as if it were your mother.

Quality, affordable, lifetime equipment pool? It's needed for the above, but does not exist.

Advanced greenhouse, orchard, a couple lactating animals, fishpond, chickens, and you've got 100% food need covered. Add a microcombine, and you've got some grains.

Yes, if you have the equipment and skills to produce this. If you spent 16 years in school, you have probably been specialized away from these skills.

Flex Fab lab, with computer and open source software and blueprints, and you fabricate your own car, tractor, and other tech toys you like. Now they are fully under your control.

The solar turbine feeds energy to your new stronghold of peace, with a few days storage if the sun doesn't shine. The sun sends you no bills. But you might have to plant a fuel crop, or go to a local restaurant for waste oil, on extremely cold days.

This is possible today, only if we wanted to make it happen.

Go down to your local junkyard, get scrap aluminum, cast it, and you have your feedstocks for the fab lab, at the cost of materials.

But you don't have enough money for an advanced Fab Lab? A 3D printer (RepRap) can be made for $400, powered by an OLPC computer. A Multimachine open source drill-mill-lathe costs a few hundred in parts. Come to us and propagate for yourself a 300 tree orchard in a weekend workshop, free to friends.

Need a place to live? A high production compressed earth block press yields basic shelter form onsite dirt – or a legacy mansion if you like. It's the most advanced building method known to humankind, if ecology is considered.

With our work, it will be available as a turnkey product for about $5k for a 3000 brick per day machine - about 10 times less than the competition. How, you ask? We have flexible equipment, with open source development eliminating all waste of the production process.

Your junkyard closed out of aluminum because society eliminated all waste by design-for-disassembly techniques? Then you need to extract aluminum from your onsite clays, in a furnace fueled by compressed gas produced from waste wood chips. Forget about conflicts for once rare resources.

Well, it's not really as easy as that. You will need a team of 12 or more skilled people who want to live right, visionary mindset included. After all, you want to build new villages and civilizations, right?

Well, that's the path for Factor e Farm. If you build your own village, you can do what your dreams tell you to do.

For the rest of your life, do what you really want. Perhaps pressing world issues are a concern of yours? Go ahead, work them. Or just a little more attention to your personal evolution, so that all of society can benefit? When you control your destiny, everyone benefits.

Now show me the money. Your three acres of orchard give $5k per season, just by passive U-pick in the local area. People are attracted to your showcase, and begin asking questions. That is valuable conversation, and at the end you return to your Fab Lab, as you got an order for an open source car – that's $1k dollar value earned for 20 hours of your time. Or, your tree propagation workshop brought in $1k for the day, as your plant stock is abundant. A few small organic farmers in your area are waiting for you to fill their microcombine order. Or, the training workshop for earth block building. You can roll in extra cash if you like, but your expenses are low, and you may have more important things to do. Perhaps providing clean water or gasifier stoves to the rest of the world, at a ridiculously affordable cost?

Technology and agriculture as the only careers? No, they are just a foundation with which you don't need to work. You can grow your own food, produce your own fuels and electricity, make technology tools and devices - like tractors or solar power generators, and even cars.

We like to help others. Low on money and high on vision? Come to our workshops, build yourself an infrastructure so you could live like this, if you have lifetime durable equipment. Start with basics: car at $2k; not bad for a high performance, lifetime hybrid electric vehicle; tractor at a $2k, brick machine at $1k, greenhouse another $1k; flex fab outfit, a large price item, $5k for all you need in machine work and cutting jobs.. Orchard literally free, and all of our gene pool too, if you do the propagation work. And the glazing hopefully comes from bioplastics from onsite, or extruded waste resins. Then you may need some immediate cash after you start up, because you wanted to buy some more books or other exotic merchandise. Maybe maketing products of other farmer scientist friends of yours will do the job as you get on your feet.

Our goal is to teach others. It would be self-indulgence if we kept this to ourselves. Our goal is to empower everyone to be productive and independent - as that's the only known route to a sane world. History has shown this. Only when people start being dependent, deprived, and desperate do they cause trouble, wars, and other ills.

As your operations get off the ground, you cannot help but notice that everyone around you is going off-grid, starting to produce other open source items of Flex Fab industry, and those government workers are leaving town as they have no more problems left to solve or create.

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