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Hello Martin,

It is an honor to connect with you. I have been loosely associated with the open source community for quite some time and I understand how important it is for the future.

As the answer to your questions, the 3 stage system we have in Kerala was not created especially for the purpose, but rather evolved organically over a period of time and involves a lot of stakeholders. Mostly, these stakeholders are government entities (both national and state), private organizations and NGO's. They do SOMETIMES collaborate and work with each other, but most of the times, they stick to their mandates and are run independently. If you check out the links below, you will get an idea about some of the major organizations involved in it. The International Center for Free and Open Source Software

A Government of Kerala initiative. They focus on training and skill development at a more advanced level. Although the name says "Software" and that is their primary focus, they also work with hardware. TinkerHub This is a Community based organization that focuses on the graduate level. Atal Tinkering Labs This is a part of the Atal Innovation Mission by the Government of India and its run as a nationwide program. The Tinkering Lab is entirely focused on schools and other such institutions. ICT Academy of Kerala A Public-Private Partnership model Social Enterprise that was set up to focus on skill development in advanced technologies. I am a former employee of this organization. They focus on offering short term trainings in future technologies in the information and communication industry. During my time there, we also experimented with hardware training programs for students from all groups and even industry professionals. We also did training programs focused on integrating open source technology with an entrepreneurial approach. Currently, the program is on hold.

Copying this model, with so many stakeholders and involved parties will be quite complicated and extremely expensive. I would suggest developing a fresh model with the same basics, but making it simpler and more efficient. Please feel free to contact me if you need more details. I could also connect you with my former colleagues who will be able to give even more inputs.