Maslow's Pyramid

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A theoretical framework for the hierarchy of human needs:'s_hierarchy_of_needs

Personal and Political

The above article deals with the personal, and a corresponding political framework can be related:

  1. Physiological needs - this can be implemented in the form of Open Sector Enterprise-driven Universal Basic Assets.
  2. Security - a framework for enforcing access to Universal Basic Assets combined with education systems that teach people how to form accurate mental models free from Political Propaganda
  3. Social Needs - Urban design which promotes benign relations between people, and just social/economic/legal systems and legal systems which promote benigh relationships between people. Walkable community design, integrated community design, a system of livable cities and Fab Cities come to mind immediately. Also, the court of law in the United States should evolve to a court of justice. Institutions should be inclusive, participatory, and just. Business must transition from promoting self-alienation to promoting self-determination and self-actualization. Evil dictators who manipulate and polarize should be checked with counteraction that restores mutual respect. In other words, democratic institutions must be strengthened to disallow asshole behavior - which has profound effects on positive social relations - which would have a good effect on people meeting their social needs more effectively, with more friendships and more friendly as opposed to adversarial interactions. A profound paradigm shift is required here.
  4. Esteem - this can only be achieved by promoting truly beneficial cultural, social, and economic incentives. Esteem or recognition - for negative qualities - is quite common. Many parents are driven by insecurity, instead of supporting their kids to their dreams. Extremists reward loyalty not performance; business generally rewards environmental destruction, not regeneration; academia and society rewards herd mentality; etc. When the sources of esteem are negative, this does not truly satisfy peoples' needs of recognition and immortality - and this unmet need can lead to resentment and the numerous terrors that arise from resentment. All because someone didn't get enough love - in whatever form they need it. The first step to correct this psychosocial disease