Master Prototyper and Machine Designer Invitation

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Hi, my name is Marcin, founder of Open Source Ecology, a social enterprise. We are currently recruiting 2 key members to our team: a Master Prototyper and a Machine Designer. This is part of our work on the Global Village Construction Set.

The Global Village Construction Set - GVCS - is an open source platform. It is a set of the 50 different industrial machines that it takes to build a small civilization with modern comforts. The designs include everything from a tractor, to an oven, to a circuit maker - to a wide array of tools covering agriculture, construction, fabrication, energy, and transportation. We publish al of our plans and designs openly - allowing anyone in the world to use, build upon, and contribute back to a common pool of human knowledge. That is the beauty - of open source.

The main development facility of the GVCS is called Factor e Farm - our living laboratory on 30 acres - one hour away from Kansas City. We have an office with 2 fast internet lines and a workstation for CAD and video editing. We have a workshop - a 4,000 sf flexible facation facility - which includes mills, drills, lathes, plasma cutters, welders, torches, a surface grinder, and other tools. We are off grid, except for the fast internet.

Our organization is growing tremendously. As part of this growth - we are looking for seasoned professionals to join our core development team.

First, we are looking for a Master Prototyper. The ideal candidate would be a seasoned or retired machinist/fabricator/prototyper -who is also up to date on digital fabrication. The candidate would also have a broad range of skills - such as mechanics, hydraulics, electronics, automation, metal casting, and tool and die making.

Second, we are looking for a Machine Designer - the ideal candidate would be not only a designer, but also - a builder and user of their designs - to close the loop - from design-for-fabrication - to building human-centered machines. At this stage, we are working primarily on mechanical devices with basic automation - and we are moving in the direction of machines for precision fabrication, power electronics, and hot metal processing.

To put this into context - we were put on the world stage with my TED Talk, got some money, and i thought we would be done in no time. But we are a complex and large project - and it requires a solid team and organization to scale. I discovered that we need to transition from vision - to institution - a solid, open source organization- to change the world. We need to recruit the world’s best to make this happen. Our immediate goal is to increase our prototyping rate from 1 to 3 prototypes built and documented per month by mid-year of next year. We are on our way to a scalable, open source product development pipeline - based on industry standards - yet open source.

Our goal is to develop a viable and replicable mechanism for increasing innovation way beyond the limits of proprietary research and development.

This is not a walk in the park - it’s more about making history - a transition to the open source economy. The open source economy is an economy that optimizes not only production - at which the current system is relatively good - but also - distribution. If you are up to this challenge - then we would like to see you on our team. Click the link below and spend 10 minutes on our initial survey. We look forward to hearing from many of you, and please don’t hesitate to send us any suggestions on how to make this recruiting effort or messaging better. Please also pass this on to your networks. Thank you for listening.